• Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 301165, Austin, TX 78703
Star with rays from the AVIT logo.
Star with rays from the AVIT logo.

AVIT Alert Network Listserve

All concerned citizens are invited to join the AVIT Alert Network Listserve. AVIT uses a Group/Listserve to disseminate critical information related to AVIT and its mission, including meetings announcements, AVIT Minutes, activities, policy-making, etc. This is a private listserve. This listserv is the primary means of updating people about legislative and policy issues concerning children and adults with visual impairments, blindness, and deafblindness in Texas. We welcome your participation.

Membership Options:

Member Organization: Apply as Member Organization

  • A member can be any Texas organization of and for persons who are blind or visually impaired. Participation organizations include private agencies, membership organizations, and companies that operate in Texas. New members are added by 2/3 vote of the membership. Dues are $50 annually.
  • Send your proposal letter to —

Individual Associate Member Option

  • An associate member is a non-voting membership category open to any interested individual. Associate members receive AVIT minutes & are welcome to participate in AVIT activities. Membership dues are $10 annually.